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  • Wholesale 10.1 Inch Touch Screen Monitor (USB, 1024 x 576)
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10.1 Inch Touch Screen Monitor (USB, 1024 x 576)

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Product Details
Payment and Shipping
10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor

TFQ-E117 Highlights...

  • 10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor
  • Video, power and touch screen sent through one single USB cable
  • Works with Mac and Windows computers/laptops
  • Connect as many additional monitors as you want!
  • Tons of uses

New 10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor, perfect for those who want an additional monitor without additional clutter. With the innovative USB-only connection, video, power and touch screen are sent through one single USB cable, so just connect and go for an instant and convenient additional display!

Pair this 10.1 inch USB connected and powered LCD mini monitor to your notebook or desktop computer for an efficient and affordable way to increase productivity. It is ideal for keeping your main display clutter free and dedicating visual workspace to applications that are used at a glance, and you can even connect as many additional monitors together as you wish! Along with the accurate 4-wire resistive touch panel, managing your applications (and life) becomes so much easier and takes a single finger press.

Here are some great uses for this 10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor:

  • General Productivity
    Outlook/Mail, Calendar or Address Book applications up all the time
    View Widgets for To-do's, Weather, Stock Tickers, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc.
    Track System Performance, Monitor Network Traffic, CPU cycles
  • Entertainment
    Have your media player up to control entertainment
    Quick access to important tools for online gaming (Armory, GameFAQs, list of cheat codes)
    Use it as an additional display for computers hooked up to TVs
    Run a 2nd or 3rd display without the need for a new graphics card
  • Social
    SKYPE/Google/MSN Chat while using other full screen applications
    Watch for Friends on Facebook and MySpace
    Keep your Twitter Client up all the time but off your main work screen
  • Creative
    Park your Adobe Creative Suite application toolbars or controls
    PowerPoint: keep your formatting palettes, colors, etc. on a separate screen
  • Business (Retail, Healthcare, Finance)
    Integrate into point-of-purchase or point-of-registration process
    Cost-effective method to have multiple consumers/customers register, enter information, and authenticate
    Use one computer for multiple users (with virtualization software - not included)
  • Shopping
    Monitor online auctions

If you need an additional monitor that has maximum convenience and ultimate affordability, the 10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor is ideal. It is in our warehouse now and brought to you at our usual low factory-direct wholesale price. Order now and we will express ship it tomorrow, guaranteed! Brought to you by the leader in wholesale electronics and computer accessories - plusbuyer.

Manufacturer Specification

  • Main Function: 10.1 Inch LCD Touch Screen USB Monitor
  • Screen: 10.1 Inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
  • Native Screen Resolution: WVGA (1024 x 576)
  • Touch Panel: 4-wire resistive
  • Contrast: 500: 1
  • Brightness: 200cd/m2
  • Contrast: 500: 1
  • Viewing Angle: 90°/50° (H/V)
  • Power Source: DC9-15V
  • Signal Input: USB
  • Display Ratio: 16: 9
  • Input Power: USB (DC 5V)
  • Power Consumption: 4.5W
  • Working Temperature: -20 to +55 °C
  • Storage Temperature: -30 to +65 °C
  • Inputs and buttons:
    - Mini USB (For power and video connection to PC)
    - USB (For connection to more USB monitors)
    - POWER DC
    - Brightness Up
    - Brightness Down
    - Power
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98SE, XP, Vista (32-bit only), Windows 7, MAC
  • Mounting Process: Standard VISA Sockets
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Dimensions: W: 254, L: 163, H: 55mm (with bracket)
  • Manufacturer Ref: TCEDK93ILA91ZO0

Manufacturer Notes

  • Just USB powered - no VGA input or DC power needed for single monitor
  • Monitors that connect to another 10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor will need to be powered via the DC adapter
  • Touch Screen
  • Ideal dedicated monitor for email, instant messaging, calendars, news and weather monitoring, photoshop palettes, multimedia playback such as iTunes, digital TV, video conferencing, MP3s, photos and so much more

Package Details for TFQ-E117

  • 10.1 Inch Touch Screen USB Monitor
  • All-in-one USB Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • CD with Drivers
  • Free Travel Adapter (for UK, AU, NA, SA customers)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What software do I need to install and where do I get it?
    Everything is available on the CD that comes with the product. To get the monitor working, you will need to install the drivers for your operating system in the "usb monitor drivers" folder. To get the touch screen working, you will need to install the drivers in the "touchkit-drivers" folder.
  • How many additional USB monitors can I connect together?
    As many as you want! However, only the first is powered by USB only. Others will need to be plugged into the wall with the DC adapter.
  • How do you right click using this touchscreen?
    Instead of tapping the screen, place your finger on the screen and wait. In one or two seconds, the right click menu will appear.
  • The touchscreen is great, but how do I make it even more accurate?
    Use the software and run "4 points calibration" for quick calibrating and then run "linearization" for maximum accuracy. It even has a "draw test" to let users test the touchscreen accuracy.

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    - Subcat = LCD Monitors + TV
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