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  • Wholesale 5\" HD Touch Screen GPS Navigator (800 x 480, 600MHz CPU, 1600 mAh)
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5" HD Touch Screen GPS Navigator (800 x 480, 600MHz CPU, 1600 mAh)

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Product Details
Payment and Shipping
5 Inch HD Touch Screen GPS Navigator (Direct WIN CE Access)

TSB-G252 Highlights...

  • 800 x 480 screen resolution on a 5 inch display
  • Direct access to WIN CE operating system!
  • Free 2GB TF/Micro SD Card
  • Free car kit
  • Runs most GPS software and maps
  • Handles most popular video and audio formats
  • eBook reader

This awesome portable GPS device effortlessly handles all the hottest GPS software packages, comes with FM transmitter and Bluetooth functionality, allows you direct access to its WIN CE operating system, and features high definition 800 x 480 screen resolution on a 5 inch touchscreen!

This marvel of GPS engineering utilizes the WIN CE 5.0 operating system which ensures that it runs today's hottest GPS maps and provides access to state of the art GPS features like: Lane Assist, Voice Guidance, 3-D Views, Intelligent Route Planning, and Points Of Interest (POI). Better still, you are allowed direct access to the operating system so you can add programs and run computer files just as you would on a PDA!

The G252 isn't just an amazing GPS device - it's also a pretty good car DVD player alternative. This replaces my car DVD player??!! Sure why not. Think about it. It's got GPS. It plays all the most popular multimedia files and displays the visual output on its high definition 800x480 resolution screen. What's more, the G252 has both Bluetooth and FM Transmitter functionality. Bluetooth allows you to pair your cell phone with this GPS device. The FM transmitter allows you to output audio from this navigator to your car speakers! Imagine this: You're in the car, a call comes through. A quick tap on the G252's touchscreen and you're talking with your boss with both hands on the wheel. Whatever you say gets picked up by the unit's powerful and sensitive built-in microphone. Whatever your boss says gets broadcast through your car speakers. Car DVD player alternative anyone?

Whether handheld or mounted in-car (yes this amazing device comes with a free car kit), the G252 is the perfect device for endless entertainment and never getting lost again. Brought to you by the leaders in online wholesale electronics - plusbuyer!

Product Specifications

  • Primary Function: 5 inch high definition touchscreen GPS and multimedia unit
  • Display Information:
    - 5 Inch TFT Touch Screen
    - 800 x 480 Pixel Screen Resolution
  • Main System Information:
    - CPU: MediaTek MT3351
    - Frequency: 600MHz
    - DDR SDRAM: 64 MB
    - Internal Flash Memory: 64 MB
    - External Memory (TF / Micro SD card support): up to 4GB (free 2GB TF/Micro SD card included)
    - Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 (compatible with all major GPS software packages)
  • GPS Information:
    - Receiver Module: Atlas IV
    - Frequency: 1.57542GHZ
    - C/A Code: 1.023 MHZ chip rate
    - Signal Channels: 48
    - Tracking Sensitivity: -161dBm
    - Position Sensitivity: 10m, 2D RMS; 2m, 2D RMS, WAAS enable
    - Speed Rate: 0.1m/s
    - Data Update Rate: 1Hz
    - Recapture Time: 0.1s on Average
    - Hot Startup Time: Less than 2s
    - Warm Startup Time: 32s on Average
    - Cold Startup Time: Less than 35s
    - Maximum Position Altitude: 18,000 m
    - Maximum Speed Rate: 515m/s
    - Built-in Antenna Type: Built-in active ceramic antenna
    - Built-in Antenna Voltage: 3.3V +/- 5%
    - Built-in Antenna Current: 15mA
    - Interface: Touch Screen
    - GUI Interface: YES - 3D type
    - Maps: via TF/Micro SD card
    - Voice: YES
  • Bluetooth Information:
    - Pair with phone - then use touchscreen interface
    - Dial call
    - Answer call
    - Volume control
    - Touchscreen keypad
  • Battery Information:
    - Rechargeable Built-in Lithium Ion (LI-ION)
    - 1600 mAh
    - Normal Use: 3-4 hours
    - Standby Mode: 150 hours
  • On Board Buttons and Slots:
    - Power
    - TF/Micro SD Card
    - Mini-USB
    - 3.5 mm (headphones)
    - Built-in MIC
    - AV IN
    - HiFi Speakers
    - Pen Stylus
  • Menu Features:
    - Navigation (initiate GPS)
    - Multimedia (Video, Music)
    - Bluetooth (Phone Book, Call History, Dial Pad, Messages, File Manager, Settings)
    - Photo (photo browser)
    - EBook (text reader)
    - Game (an assortment of fun games)
    - Tools (Calculator, Unit Convert, Calendar)
    - Setting (Volume, Date/Time, Backlight, Calibration, FM Transmitter, Language, System Info)
  • File Formats Supported:
    - Video: True MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC), AVI, WMV, 3GP, FLV
    - Music: MP3, WMA
    - Photos: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG
    - EBook: TXT
  • Brightness Level: 250cd/m2
  • OSD Menu Languages:
    - English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish (Note: Actual GPS voice and display languages depends on your GPS software package)
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (LI-ION)
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Dimensions: 125 mm x 80 mm x 13 mm (L x W x H)
  • Manufacturer Ref: TCELZUUFF6V14S4

Manufacturer Notes:
  • 800 x 480 screen resolution for movies and tv shows that come out clearer, crisper, and brighter!
  • Install WIN CE 5.0 programs and apps to significantly extend the functionality of this portable GPS device
  • With its AV IN jack, you can easily output a DVD player or game system to this GPS device. Better yet, connect your rearview camera to the AV IN jack. Once the AV cables are in, the screen automatically displays the video image. No buttons to press!
  • Viable car DVD player alternative in that it has GPS, multimedia functionality, FM transmitter and Bluetooth. Car mounting kit included free.
  • Access WIN CE 5.0 operating system desk top by going into SETTINGS, then clicking on the > icon to enter into the second SETTINGS screen. Click on the icon labeled WINCE.
  • Special GPS Note: This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software, such as TomTom, iGO, Route66 etc. - however hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. As the wholesaler, plusbuyer provides the GPS-enabled hardware only, not the software. plusbuyer provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. plusbuyer cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding GPS software. Any software installation you undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional.

Package Details for TSB-G252

  • 5 Inch High Definition Touchscreen GPS Navigator with Bluetooth, FM transmitter, and Direct Windows CE Access
  • Free 2GB TF/Micro SD Card
  • Pen Stylus
  • Earbuds
  • USB Cable
  • AV Cables
  • Power Adapter
  • Car Charger
  • Car Mounting Kit
  • User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do I have to pay monthly to use GPS?
    You don't have to pay to use GPS. The satellites which transmit GPS coordinates are maintained by the US government. You just need a GPS receiver to take advantage of the data. 5 Inch HD Touch Screen GPS Navigator (Direct WIN CE Access) contains a top of the line GPS receiver.
  • Where can I download free GPS software and maps?
    Use your favorite bit torrent search engine to find GPS software and maps. Or use google. Try "[insert name of GPS software manufacturer here], rapidshare, megaupload".
  • Once I have the GPS software and maps, how do I install it into this device?
    Copy the software and maps onto a Micro SD card. Insert it into the Micro SD card slot. From the main menu go to SETTINGS. Then select NAVI PATH and browse your Micro SD card. Look for a file that looks like this: nameofGPSsoftwaremaker.exe where the first part of the file before the dot is the name of the software maker, and the part after the dot signifies that it is an executable file.
  • How do I pair my phone to this GPS navigator?
    Easy. From the main menu, click on the Bluetooth icon. Put your cell phone into Bluetooth mode so it can be discovered by this GPS device.

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