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  • Wholesale Executive Breathalyzer - Digital Alcohol Breath Tester with LCD Screen
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Executive Breathalyzer - Digital Alcohol Breath Tester with LCD Screen

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Product Details
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Portable Breathalyzer - Digital Alcohol Breath Tester (Executive Edition)

TVO-G334-N1 Highlights...

  • Advanced alcohol tester
  • Reliable safety device
  • Quick, convenient and simple
  • Well-designed

Portable Breathalyzer - Digital Alcohol Breath Tester: make your life safer for yourself and people around you!

Picture this: You are having a good dinner at your friends' place. They want to serve you another glass of champagne but you refuse since it's getting late and you have to drive your family home. After a cup of coffee to end this delicious meal, you say good bye, approach your car, put your hand in your pocket to catch the keys and feel the alcohol tester. Your first thought is that you don't need to use it, you don't feel drunk at all! But you see your kids playing, your wife smiling... They are everything to you, bringing you happiness every single minute spent on the Earth. Would you take any risk to lose this, even the lowest one? No, of course not. Thus you blow in the breathalyzer and find out you are not in proper condition for driving after all! You decide to let your wife drive and a while later you all arrive safely at home. For sure, you have made a wise and mature decision.

The Portable Breathalyzer is an advanced alcohol tester that checks and measures accurately your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Its portable size makes it very convenient to bring and keep permanently in your car or bag. It's also very easy to use: Just insert a mouthpiece, turn the breathalyzer on, follow the few steps on the screen, blow into it for 5 seconds, and you'll receive audio and visual warnings if you're over the limit. By controlling yourself before driving you will spare a lot of troubles - both physical and economical!

No more accidents. No more fines. No more disqualification from driving. It is what we offer you with this great Digital Alcohol Breath Tester. And all this is brought to you at an unbeatable price! From the online leader of electronic items, plusbuyer.

Product Specifications
  • Main function: alcohol tester
  • Color: black
  • Advanced NM hot-wire alcohol sensor and quick response
    - Smart MCU control
    - Direct testing process LCD indication
    - Digital LCD display with blue light backup
  • Sensor type: flat surfaced alcohol sensor
  • Detection range
    - 0.00-0.20BAC%
    - 0.00-2.00g/L
    - 0.00-1.00mg/L
    - 0.00-200mg/100mL
  • Alarming level
    - 0.05BAC%
    - 0.50g/L
    - 0.25mg/L
    - 50mg/100mL
  • Accuracy: -/+ 10% F.S.
  • Working voltage: DC 4.5V
  • Power source: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Working environment: -10 to 50 degrees
  • Dimensions: 102 x 65 x 25 (mm)

Manufacturer Notes
  • The result of this test gives BAC for reference only. We do not take any legal responsibility for the results given.
  • This breathalyzer can still be used without the mouthpieces, but they assist in the direction of air flow for easier sensing.
  • Comes with blue backlighting for low light conditions.

Package Details
  • Alcohol tester
  • 5 mouthpieces
  • English user manual

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Blood Alcohol Content and how is that different from Blood Alcohol Concentration?
    They mean the same thing. The acronym is BAC and it is a measure of the concentration of alcohol in a person's blood.
  • How is BAC calculated?
    BAC is usually expressed in terms of volume of alcohol per volume of blood in the body. Some of the most common ratios are: (1) Mass per volume of blood in the body (e.g. 0.08 g/L), (2) Volume of alcohol per volume of exhaled breath (e.g. 0.08 mL/L), and (3) Mass of alcohol per mass of the body (e.g. 0.08 g/Kg). This breathalyzer uses the first and most popular way to measure BAC.
  • I heard that as long as you keep it to one drink per hour you're fine. Is that right?
    The number of drinks consumed is a poor measure of BAC, because of differences in weight, sex, and body fat.

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