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  • Wholesale Holographic Mini Laser Star Projector with Sound Activation
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Holographic Mini Laser Star Projector with Sound Activation

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Product Details
Payment and Shipping
Red and Green Laser Effects Projector with Sound Activation

TGF-G173 Highlights...

  • Sound Activated
  • Red & Green Laser
  • Starry Effects Projector
  • Dial effects for auto control.
  • Mounting bracket with adjustable angle

Let your music activate this really cool laser projector gadget. Perfect to use anywhere in your home, pub, bar and even your retail shop. Project visually stunning patterns and improve your business at the same time.

If you're searching for a simple laser projector in order create an ambient atmosphere to your surroundings, then this cool double laser gadget with sound activation feature is what you're looking for. Designed in a compact form factor, and emitting a single Green and Red laser beam that intertwine together in random motion to present stunning visual effects.

To operate this simple laser gadget. First, you simply decide where you want to mount the laser projector. Then, you plug it into a wall power outlet, that's it. As simple as A, B, C. This Red and Green Laser Effects Projector presents the user with two optional modes, of which consist the projection of the laser in a slow motion display and an increase of speed, to increase the speed of the projected patterns, just adjust the dial located at the rear of the G173.

This laser color changing projector is perfect for any partying environment. You can mount the projector anywhere that suits your needs and it is adjustable to easily be aimed at the area you wish to highlight be it ceiling, floor or wall.

With an adjustable bracket suitable to allow installation on walls, ceilings and floors, this is perfect for installation in any indoor environment. It is good as a year round mood light and is especially useful at Christmas time. In stock right now at the usual low plusbuyer wholesale price.

Product Specifications

  • Primary Function: Laser Starry Effects Projector with sound activation
  • Laser Wavelength: Green = 532nm, Red = 660nm
  • Control Type: Manual rotary dial
  • Output Power: 5mw - 50mw Unit
  • Primary Colors: Green and Red
  • Power: Wall power plug
  • On board Slots and buttons:
    - AC/DC power output
    - ON/OFF power button
    - Sound Activation ON/OFF
    - Speed adjustable dial control
  • Dimensions: H: 95 x W: 80 x D: 40 (mm)
  • Manufacturer Ref: TCEEA0C527C11E6

Important Notes

  • Avoid direct eye contact with the laser
  • The TGF-G173 is not a children's toy and should only be used by adults
  • You should only use the laser projector indoors and it should be kept away from all liquids
  • It is advisable not to use the TGF-G173 for more than 4 hours straight so as to prolong the life of the lasers
  • The adjustable speed rate control is located at the back of the unit. With just a simple turn of the dial, you can change the effects from still to moving at ever increasing speeds.

Package Details for Model TGF-G173

  • Red and Green laser projector
  • Allen key x1
  • Instruction Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the TGF-G173 comes with a remote control?
    The laser projector can only be controlled with a dial switch located at the back.
  • what distance can the lasers project out?
    The laser starry effects project can reach up to 20+ meters.
  • What is the maximum coverage area for the laser projector?
    Depending on the distant of the effects projection, it can spread the image to up to 50sq/m area.

  • Photos and Graphics By: F.Y.
  • Catalog Ref: laser projector, auto laser, music laser projector, club lasers, DJ laser, Red Laser, Green Laser

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