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  • Wholesale Intelligent Electronic Pet Dog Fencing System - Safe and Easy to Control
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Intelligent Electronic Pet Dog Fencing System - Safe and Easy to Control

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Product Details
Payment and Shipping
Electronic Pet Dog Fencing System (300 Meters)

TJC-G343 Highlights...

  • Intelligent dog fencing system
  • Wire of 300 meters to cover large areas
  • Beep warning and progressive mild shocks
  • Safe and easy controllable

TJC-G343: Electronic Pet Dog Fencing System (300 Meters): keep your dog in areas of your choice for their own well-being!

If you are a lover of dogs - man's best friends - you know they need space, daily exercise to be healthy and feel happy. As obedient as they are, you also know they are very clever and playful. When their master is away, they might not follow instructions anymore and enter certain restricted places, like your lovely rose garden. That's why there's this electronic fencing system, which provides efficient, progressive and harmless education to their dog while assuring their safety.

The smart fencing system mainly includes a collar, a control box and a resistant wire that is 300 meters long. The installation is quite simple: After you set up an area with the wire, just put the included collar around your dog's neck and the system will work as described below:

- When your beloved pet approaches the wire, a beep warns them to step back.
- If the dog continues forward, a mild shock is given through the collar in order to curb their enthusiasm. The shock is not enough to hurt your dog, but just enough to get them to change their behavior.
- In cases of unreasonable recklessness, stronger shocks (but still harmless) are sent until they go back to the authorized area.

A good dog is disciplined, loyal and helpful. However, it might sometimes require special training to ensure dogs react properly when time has come. That's why 20 flags are included with this reliable fencing system. Use them along with the control box and collar, and train your dog to follow the way you have set. Each time your lovely pet fails, give them a mild shock, and when they finally learn their lesson, reward them as much as they deserve it!

With the Electronic Pet Dog Fencing System, you don't have to leave your dog home anymore when you are outside! Let your best friend enjoy freedom in a certain zone with total peace of mind! It is brought to you at an amazing low price by the online leader in electronics, plusbuyer.

Product Specifications
  • Main function: fencing system
  • Color: black
  • Features
    - Pet device with pulsed proportional stimulus
    - Progressive tone stimulus
    - Low battery consumption
    - Speed detection anti-run through
    - Audible wire break alarm
    - Visual wire break alarm
    - Variable field width control
  • Collar power source: 4 x A76 batteries (6V)
  • Fence power source: 12V power plug
  • Total length of wire: 300 meters
  • Control box dimensions: 145 x 90 x 34 (mm)

Manufacturer Notes
  • It should only be used with dogs.
  • The electric current produced by this device is very mild. The shock only provides a slight, temporary discomfort.
  • The user should only use this device in accordance with the instructions provided and after consulting with your veterinarian. If your pet has a heart or other medical condition, then please do not use this product. You are responsible for ensuring that importing, sale, and use of this product is legal in your locality.

Package Details
  • Control box
  • Dog collar
  • Perimeter wire
  • 2 spare shocking terminals
  • 20 flags
  • 4 screws
  • 110-240V EU power supply
  • English user manual

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