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  • Wholesale Portable Solar Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods, USB Gadgets
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Portable Solar Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods, USB Gadgets

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Product Details
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Solar Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods, and USB Devices

THF-G54 Highlights...

  • Solar battery charger for portable electronics
  • Charge iPhones and iPods
  • Charge phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, and any gadgets that use USB
  • Charges quickly and stores a charge in internal battery
  • Fashionable, ultra-portable design

Solar Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods, and USB Devices lets you charge your electronic gadgets anytime and anywhere.

If you own a cell phone, then you have probably experienced the panic of trying to make an important call before the battery dies and the frustration of missing calls because your phone has no power. Now, with this ultra-portable solar battery charger, you will never have to worry about running out of power again.

What kinds of devices does this solar battery charger work with? iPhones, iPods, and anything that charges through USB, such as cell phones, MP3 and MP4 players, and even GPS devices! Use the iPhone/iPod charging port to charge up your Apple devices, or the USB port on all your other gadgets. You will love the convenience of being able to charge all your electrical devices any time you want, anywhere you go.

Using this universal solar charger just couldn't be easier. Before you go out, you can charge the battery in one of three ways: by connecting to your PC via USB cable, through an electrical socket with a USB-AC adapter, or by collecting solar energy with the device's solar panel. Charge it with your computer while you're at work, and stick it in your dashboard while you're driving. No matter how you charge it, this universal solar charger will be ready when you need to charge your phone or MP3 player.

Everyday functionality, attractive design, and ease of use make this portable universal solar charger great for consumers and resellers alike. Stocked in our warehouse for immediate order fulfillment and worldwide shipping to any destination whether it's you or your customer. From the leader in factory-direct high tech gadgets, plusbuyer.

China Product Specifications

  • Main Function: Battery charger for portable electronics with solar panel for recharging
  • Battery
    - Type: Li-ion polymer battery
    - Capacity: 1350 mAh
    - Full Charge Time: 2.5 hours AC power, 7.5 hours solar
    - Working Temperatures: -10 deg C to +50deg C
  • Power Output Ports: 2 (one for iPhone/iPod, one USB)
  • Dimensions: 63mm x 62mm x 22mm (L x W x D)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS
  • Manufacturer Ref: TCEMX6JX2FGV9

Manufacturer Notes

  • Built-in standard USB connection - charges any USB powered device
  • Standard iPhone/iPod connection

Package Details

  • Model THF-G54 Universal Solar Charger
  • USB Cable (male to male)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of devices can I charge with this universal solar charger?
    You can charge iPhones and iPods as well as any device that can charge through USB, such as cell phones, MP3 and MP4 players, and numerous other gadgets.
  • Is this device a battery or just a charger?
    This is also a battery. You can charge it up through USB or the solar panel, and it will store the charge.
  • How do I turn it on or off?
    There is a button behind the word "Light." You can't see it, but you can hear it click when you press it.


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