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  • Wholesale PowerFour - Four SIM Card Slots Quadband Cell Phone
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PowerFour - Four SIM Card Slots Quadband Cell Phone

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Product Details
Payment and Shipping

PowerFour - 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Quadband Cell Phone with Four SIM Card Slots

TFD-M221 Highlights...

  • Cellphone with Four SIM Card Slots
  • Quadband (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)
  • 2.8 inch touchscreen
  • Unlocked - works straight off the box
  • Bluetooth, analog TV, ISDB-T and FM radio
  • 1.2MP dual camera

Let the PowerFour Quadband Cell Phone keep your private number truly private. With four SIM Card slots, this unlocked mobile phone is the ultimate solution and ideal for high end connectivity in the world of communication. Use 4 different numbers for 4 different purposes and keep your private number only for you and the ones you trust.

The PowerFour mobile phone comes fully unlocked, with a beautiful, brilliant 2.8 inch touchscreen and 4 (yes four!) SIM card slots for those who have to be at the forefront of leading edge technology. Are you wondering why would anyone need four SIM card slots?

One for Work: On call and accessible with one SIM card dedicated entirely for business purposes. Now you can have a separate number for calling your suppliers, asking your assistant to book a hotel in New York, or receiving new orders from your international clients. A dedicated work number also helps you maintain a professional and serious image!
One for Home: Always reachable 24/7, you can have one SIM card just for your beloved family. It's also very convenient for asking your son how many times he scored at his weekly football match and encouraging your daughter before her dancing competition. Perfect also for telling your wife you are waiting for her at a 5-star restaurant to celebrate your anniversary with a romantic dinner.
One for Friends: You'll probably get most of your calls on this SIM channel. For example, Bill's wife calling and asking if Bill really was at your house all night last night. Of course he was. Or Ted calling saying he met this really cute girl but she has a roommate and are you up for a double date? Heck yeah!
One for Travel: Heading overseas next summer? Then make sure to keep an international pay-as-you-go SIM card ready and available! Making calls on your next trip can be a lot easier and cheaper when you're prepared.

For those who want more, the PowerFour Quadband Cell Phone also comes with solid array of full featured functionality, including: a 1.2MP dual camera, video and music player, FM radio, e-book reader, analog TV, ISDB-T, Bluetooth, and much, much more. With the PowerFour, you'll always have a reason to love your phone.

As always, PlusBuyer brings you the latest gadgets from the world's factory (China) at an unbeatable wholesale price. To see this phone in action and make a killing as a drop shipper or a reseller, click "Add to Cart" right now, select your preferred shipping method and in a few days, this amazing Quadband Cellphone with Four SIM Card Slots will be yours. And of course, it comes with our famous 12 month warranty and guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Product Specifications

  • Main function: cell phone with 4 SIM card slots
  • Screen: 2.8 inch touchscreen
  • Screen type: resistive
  • Resolution: 320x240
  • Frequencies: Quadband GSM ( 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)
  • SIM card slot: 4
  • Internal memory: 694K
  • External memory: micro SD card up to 8GB (not included)
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • ISDB-T: yes
  • Analog TV: yes
  • FM radio: yes
  • Camera
    - 1.2MP front camera
    - 1.2MP back camera
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • File formats
    - Music: MP3, WAV
    - Image: JPEG, GIF, BMP
    - Video: 3GP, AVI
    - eBook: TXT
  • Power source: rechargeable 800mAh battery (included)
  • Talking time: 4 hours
  • Standby time: 48 hours
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Dimensions: 102 x 56 x 12 (mm)

Manufacturer Notes

  • 4 SIM card slots for all you needs!
  • Quadband GSM connectivity lets you use it around the world!
  • Need a convenient SIM card to go with the PowerFour phone? Our International SIM Card is perfect - check it out at http://www.plusbuyer.com/cell-phone-accessories/tvba73/

Package Details

  • Cellphone with 4 SIM card slots
  • 2 batteries
  • Earphones with built-in MIC and clip
  • USB charging cable
  • English user manual
  • Power Adapter
  • Protection case
  • Stylus

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the phone come with a contract?
    This phone is contract-free and fully unlocked so it can work with any GSM service provider you choose.
  • If I don't have 4 SIM cards, can I just use 2 or 3 with this phone?
    Yes! Even if you only have 1 SIM card, you can still enjoy all the amazing functions of this phone.

Ordering from PlusBuyer provides you with the following benefits

  • Orders processed and shipped within 24-hours
  • 12 month warranty
  • In-house QC
  • Member discounts
  • Award winning customer support
  • Quantity order discounts
  • Worldwide Shipping


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